Tips for pressing your bra to create smooth seams

Piecing Elastics

How to save money by using scraps and buying in bulk

Bra Straps

A simple way to make straps for your bra

Shaping the Curve

Tips for pinning the curves together on cup seams

Degree of Stretch

How to check the degree of stretch on various fabrics

Hand Dyeing

Simple ways to dye bra fabrics at home

Four Points of Fit

Areas to consider when fitting a bra

Fabric Types

Various types of fabrics and how to use them in a bra

Contrasting Thread

Why it’s a good idea to use a contrasting fabric when sewing

Wire Sizing

Underwire theory and how it affects wire sizing

Wire Info

Troubleshooting issues with underwires

Basting the Easy Way

A trick for basting stolen from the quilters

Fabric Burn Testing

Know the content of your fabrics using burn testing